Tag: Winthrope


  • Acton

    *Acton* is a city within [[Winthrope]]'s eastern territories, close to the northern border with [[Eston]]. h3. History Acton was a [[Gerhardt]] holding until the aftermath of the Great Betrayal. [[:ilse-lym-gerhardt|Ilse Lym Gerhardt]] claimed …

  • Craerdon Zon Boler

    Lord Boler is a proud knight with a history of meritorious conduct. His family and lands had been under [[Gerhardt]] prior to the Great Betrayal. * At the time he was encountered, Boler was intent on prosecuting [[The Resistance]]. It had become …

  • Gianna Lym Winthrope

    Lady Winthrope approached [[:serin-zon-gerhardt | Serin]] after his return to [[Sterling]]. She had been impressed by Serin's achievements- and more significantly, [[The Sword | The Sword's]]. After she satisfied herself on the point that the Sword …

  • Allen Zon Heuss

    He initially met with [[:serin-zon-gerhardt | Serin]] before his meeting with the heads of [[Winthrope]]. !(media-item-align-none)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/299162/Allen_Zon_Heuss.png?1393097892(Allen_Zon_Heuss.png)!