The Sword

The Magic Sword

A mysterious edgeless sword that may be the final legacy of Odoro Zon Gerhardt.

The Magic Sword is massive, with an approximately six foot long blade. Its edgeless, mirror-like blade is utterly breathtaking.

Serin Zon Gerhardt has had a specific dream ever since he obtained The Magic Sword. The dream places him in some sort of suspension; it’s almost as though he’s at the bottom of a pond, sediment floating all around and lights rotating, shining down through the suspension. In the lateral distance there are shapes which, when pointed at, bring to mind images and emotions of an event that has happened in his past. If he concentrates on how he felt at that time, he can get closer and closer to the shapes, and eventually make contact. When this happens, the shape solidifies, and looks metallic. Anytime in the future that he wishes, he may touch these solidified shapes and feel the same way as he did then.

The hedge wizard employed by Lord Ordinae speculated that if The Magic Sword was the work of elves, that it could defy fate, and perhaps wasn’t governed by fate; that the item was beyond his ken.

Serin Zon Gerhardt’s fate is bound to the sword; his fate has been given to it (captured by it?).

It is possible that The Magic Sword is activated upon triggering the same emotions that have been solidified in the dream. It is certain, however, that the magic sword becomes active when Serin enters combat with a foe who means to do him harm. It will not become active if any other weapon is held simultaneously.

Significant Experiences
Experience #1:
In Acton, Pero, along with a large number of the resistance, was to be strung up by his neck in Traitor’s Square. This notion had some great effect on Serin, who considers Pero to be his best and most loyal friend. As Serin approached the square he felt a resonance building, stronger and stronger, a resonance he felt while in the dream state just the previous night. Kenneth’s idea was to give The Magic Sword to Lord Boler; this, however, did not sit well with Serin. Instead, Serin caused Kenneth to remove the gunny cloth surrounding The Magic Sword.

The six-foot blade, now sharp, shone like fire under the morning sun. The sword swung effortlessly in the hand of Serin Zon Gerhardt, and with much greater skill than he thought himself capable of. Twelve men proved incapable of stopping the young swordsman, or of even touching him, as The Magic Sword made the weapons of his enemies pass harmlessly through him. The Magic Sword passed through armor, sword, and flesh as though it weren’t there, inflicting mortal wounds upon Serin’s opponents.

Experience #2:
On the borders of Eston, after training for around two and one half years, Serin had become a relatively decent swordsman without the aid of the Magic Sword. He still chokes a bit during combat, and so when he was confronted with members of the resitance, he had his ass handed to him. It was his intention, through the wise advice of Sir Serne, not to use the Magic Sword unless the situation proved dire. The situation began to prove dire.

Serin attempted to use the Magic Sword while still clutching his mundane, standard issue sword. It was only after he cast it aside, fully, that the Magic Sword flared to life, its visage awesome in the firelight. He swung at both of the men attacking him, and instead of outright killing them, he sent them flying into the corn field nearby. Serin felt obliged to kill them outright, though, as it was of the utmost importance that both he and the sword remain as obscured as possible – they were witnesses.

After they were dispatched, Serin went to retrieve the sword he had left laying on the ground. As he reached down to clutch it, a spear passed straight through him. The man who attacked him was cleaved in two by the power of the Magic Sword.

Solidified Emotions

  • Strength in being alone – Triggered by a feeling from Jynn (a gypsy, most likely) at the first Chaos festival attended by Serin in 621. She told Serin that she did not have a family, and being able to do that was something Serin couldn’t fathom at the time.
  • How dare you – Upon seeing Meechum Zon Lyndon shatter the hopes of his grandmother, Serin felt “How dare you,” in reference to Meechum’s gleeful smile at the fall of Gerhardt and the rise of Holden, and the complete breakdown of Ilse Lym Gerhardt.
  • Defiance/Hope/Defy Persecution – The memory of the wooden delivery man, handing The Magic Sword to “Gerhardt,” gave him a sense of defiance against the persecution of his name. Of hope that it would someday return to its former glory.

The Sword

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