Inner Rhyddham

Inner Ryddham is a territory under Gerhardt. The principal estate is held by Andrettia Lym Gerhardt. The terrain is predominantly old-growth forest and several large riverways.

Before Gildanny fell to Albrecht, the Pillar of Gerhardt kept most of Inner Ryddham as a game preserve for the Royales.


  • Serin Zon Gerhardt fled to Inner Ryddham with his cousin Alex to raise a resistance against the Holdens. Alex used Serin’s absence to blackmail the family, but he camp was discovered and raided, setting the forst alight and driving Serin into Mannidell.
  • A few years later, Andrettia (Alex’s mother) pledged one year of support from Inner Ryddam to Serin toward the non-violent reassertion of Gerhardt as a Pilar.

Inner Rhyddham

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