The story so far

Part I: The Upswing

1. A Late Delivery

  • The Gerhardts attend the Chaos Festival
    • listen The Song
    • masks, antlers, equals, and gifts
      • Jynn
      • Haart
      • the quiet girl
      • the proud young man
  • The Day of Chaos (everyone stays indoors)
    • The Delivery
      • the mysterious courier
      • The Sword, wrapped in paper, and a coin.
    • Chaos ensues

2. Burning Forests

3. Commoners

4. Dangerous Allies

5. Entrapment

6. Friends (and Enemies)

  • Sanctuary with the Marquis of Eston
    • training
    • philosophy
    • Indirection
  • Fighting against armed bands of criminals
    • it’s The Resistance
    • “Kill anyone with a sword”
      • sword moment
      • blood left on the blade

7. Griffon Pursues

  • Damon Billings (Ramon Zon Byron) and Royce Zon Hollis
  • A short time later, a group from Acton, including Sir Griffon Zon Sykes shows up. Pero & Serin are asked to attend.
    • Griffon points them out as members of the resistance. Lysander gets upset. Serin & Pero are not invited to dinner that night. They receive a letter stating that their services are no longer required. It’s from Griffon’s people, who ambush him & pero & bogey.
      • sword moment
  • Acton and Eston quarrel in aftermath
    • Honne requests a dissolution of the marquis’ holdings
    • Representatives from the Pillars arrive to judge the happenings this is founded on. (Haart Gilgud Morse King Goodwin 1-more)
    • Serin’s true name is revealed to the visitors. Morse recommends that Serin return to Sterling and takes him home.

8. Homecoming

  • Serin returns. Goes through process of proving who he is. Stays in the inn, Pero & Bogey accompany him.
    • Pero acts as temporary servant during this time.
  • Serin meets family. Is welcomed warmly. Father was crippled by Gerhardt’s Ghost in past.
  • Serin goes to see latest Heidotten PM. They request that he allow Holden to usurp Gerhardt in the pillars. Serin says he needs to think about it.
  • Serin decides to attend the Council of Lords. He’s on his way home.
    • A large sword falls in front of him – in the dark, it resembles his great-grandfather’s. Men move in. Swords are drawn…
  • Maxim Zon Concorde
  • Burning Coals
  • Ambassador

9. Intrigues

10. Justice

  • Tanamal
    • Ilse
    • Meechum
    • smashing thngs

11. Kin

The story so far

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