Serne Zon Marlebot

Tactless knight


Sir Serne Zon Merlebot is chief man-at-arms for the Marquis Of Eston. He is a master swordsman.


Sir Serne has little use for tact. His outbursts sometimes stick his foot in his mouth, but altogether his etiquette-less persona is refreshing in an estate as courtly as Eston.

Sir Serne offered Serin Zon Gerhardt training in the use of is Sword, claiming to be a master swordsman. He also wished for Serin to join with the Marquis and help ward off the troubles with Alpman and Lord Honne.

Sir Serne did indeed teach Serin Zon Gerhardt many lessons during the time Serin spent in Eston, but he also taught Pero. Pero grew to be a very fast fighter under Sir Serne’s direction, and both Pero and Serin learned much about swordplay and combat.

Serne Zon Marlebot

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