Philas Milbourne

Rock of the North


Philas Milbourne is a weaver and textiles merchant from Farland Point. He secretly organized the resistance there.


Also known as “Mr. Milbourne,” or “The Rock Of The North.”

Philas Milbourne has great respect from the other members of the resistance, and leads Farland Point in their efforts.

Philas put up Serin and Pero up for a night or two at his weaving shop.

In observance of a family charm, Philas serves as a prison visitor to Lord Honne’s stockades. Serin and Pero joined him on a tour for the jail.

When Mr. Milbourne discovered Serin Zon Gerhardt for who he was, mostly, he presented Serin with the ultimatum: Join us, or we’ll turn you in. Serin picked the path of least resistance. :)

Philas Milbourne has one daughter, Mary Milbourne.

Philas Milbourne

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