Pero Puls

Serin's friend and squire


Pero Puls is a close friend of Serin Zon Gerhardt. They are the same age.

  • Serins’ best friend
  • quick-tempered
  • loyal
  • Fast at swordplay
  • Serins’ squire?? (don’t remember if this was official)

Hometown in Mannidell

Pero comes from a woodcutting family just outside the walls of Mannidell. Serin met him while recovering from his injuries from the fire in Inner Rhyddham. Pero came over on occasion (with the rest of his family) to deliver firewood to the Punters and keep Serin company.

When Serin was indentured to Blackman Smythe, Pero visited more frequently.

Time with the Resistance

?? Pero accompanied Serin to Farland Point, and was left with The Resistance near Sullisdell when Serin dove into the Eastern Rhydd to pursue The Song and The Sword. He was at a Resistance hideout near Acton when it was raided, and was summarily arrested, tried, and condemned to hang by Lord Boler. Serin rescued him during the standoff in Traitor’s Square and they fled south into Eston.

TODO: merge details of the rescue from Memories section.

Training in Eston

Pero, Serin, and Bogey both found sanctuary in Eston, where they befriended the child marquis and received tutelage from his staff.

Pero was ambushed with Serin when Griffon Zon Sykes’ attempted to wrestle away The Sword.


Pero accompanied Serin to Sterling as his “servant” (a term that irked him considerably, but was necessary to admit him as a commoner into the palatial blocks).

During Serin’s audience with the princess Dosta Lym Royale, she privately ennobled Pero. This enabled him to officially become Serin’s squire and a future knight of Gerhardt. He currently resides within the Holden / Gerhardt household in this capacity and has been entrusted to the knights Lionel and Regis for education.


  • Pero and Serin went off into the woods one day, and had a “sword fight” with a couple of charred sticks they found on the ground. During this time, Pero’s older brother came looking, and Serin accidentally “clubbed him good.”
  • Pero was assumed to be “The North Star” by an unknown source reporting to Lord Boler. As such, he was to be hung in Acton by Lord Boler and Sir Griffon Zon Sykes. However, the night before this supposed hanging, Serin felt The Sword resonating at a shape in his dream. This same resonance was felt as he approached Traitor’s Square, and grew until at last he saw Pero, at which point the pressure he felt became extreme, then left him completely. It was then that the Sword was activated, and despite the best efforts of Pero’s captors, they couldn’t even hope to contain young Serin Zon Gerhardt, who was utterly determined to save his friend.
  • Serin saved Pero from the gallows that day, and Pero followed him to the home of the Marquis De Ordinae. Here Pero was instructed along side Serin in sword combat, and grew to be very fast indeed.

Pero Puls

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