Mona Lym Holden

Serin's mother


Mona Lym Gerhardt (now Mona Lym Holden) is Ilse’s daughter and Serin’s mother.


In 621, Mona announced that she would quit the name of Gerhardt and support the ascendancy of Holden. Her life in society had been lonely and difficult thanks to Gerhardt’s association with the Great Betrayal. When she married (down) into the prestigious Holden family, she resolved to spare her children the ignominy of living as a disgraced Pillar.

After years of discussion with her husband Habbel, she brokered an agreement through Haart and later Heidotten to arrange the transition. She used a Holden agent (Meechum) as an intermediary in order to prevent her mother Ilse from learning of her intentions.

Mona Lym Holden

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