Mersio Zon Marshe

Philosophic knight


Sir Mersio Zon Marshe is a senior knight under the Marquis Of Eston.


Sir Mersio acts as an advisor, alongside Sir Ferdi. However, while he has knowledge of the managing of the affairs of the territory of Eston, he is weak-willed in comparison to Sir Ferdi.

Sir Mersio began a flame war with Lord Boler over the slaying of Sir Griffon Zon Sykes and the proposed annexation by Eston of a large portion of Acton’s land. This resulted in indirect hostilities toward Eston from Acton, and incited a petition to the King to dissolve the Marquis’ estate by Merril Zon Honne.

At least he’s a nice guy.

Mersio Zon Marshe

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