Meechum Zon Lyndon



Meechum Zon Lyndon is a noble, merchant, friend to Habbel Zon Holden, and a “weasley ass-master.”


Meechum guided the rather weak-willed Habbel Zon Holden into a major deal that would grant the Holden family a very large amount of river-front property. By controlling these water ways, the Holden family would gain a very large amount of power. It was Meechum Zon Lyndon’s plan to gain this power, then make Holden the next pillar house.

However, due to this man’s ambition, Ilse Lym Gerhardt was crushed. Her dreams of clearing her father’s name were dashed at the announcement of his deal to purchase the large amount of property, and at the realization that she really didn’t know where all the money Odoro Zon Gerhardt was presumed to have stolen went.

At this rather dramatic announcment, the choice was given to all existing members of the immediate Gerhardt family to change their name to Holden if they so desired. Serin Zon Gerhardt was the only member of the family who stayed with his original name, despite everything.

Meechum also attempted to purchase The Sword from Serin, shortly after he received it. Naturally, he was denied.

Serin places a large amount of his situation on the shoulders of Meechum Zon Lyndon. He believes he is the catalyst for all of the activity which led up to the destruction of the Gerhardt name, and its future removal from the list of pillar houses. All his life, Serin was brought up with the belief that he was a " Gerhardt, " and that meant something to him. How dare Meechum Zon Lyndon take his family, and begin a chain of events that would lead to Serin’s eventual stay in Mannidell.

Meechum Zon Lyndon does not know what he did – but his actions inadvertently affected Serin Zon Gerhardt, and for that, he is likely to find out just what he did, in the end. His attitude toward Serin’s situation could decide his fate. Serin expects a sincere apology – and one that isn’t too weasely either.

Meechum now resides in Tanamal. Ha ha. :)

Meechum Zon Lyndon

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