Ilse Lym Gerhardt



The proud and powerful head of house for the Pillar of Gerhardt.


Ilse Lym Gerhardt is the daughter of the Great Traitor, Odoro Zon Gerhardt. Ilse has always believed that her father could never have betrayed Gildanny, and she has fiercely maintained pride in her name. She passed this pride along in great quantities to Serin Zon Gerhardt, her grandson.

Ilse Lym Gerhardt was an incredibly strong woman, even in her later days. As a last bid to vindicate the Gerhardt name, she embarked on a grand project to discover what became of his final mission. Se sent out couriers in all directions, canvassing clerks, smithies, and frontiersmen to find out whether or not they had been given money for weaponry by Odoro Zon Gerhardt.

The results came back negative, and at the worst possible time. On the same day as her big announcement that the name of Gerhardt should never have been considered soiled, Meechum Zon Lyndon made his big announcement that Holden had gained enough legal ascendancy over Gerhardt to take its place as a pillar house.

Ilse Lym Gerhardt broke down shortly after and was transferred to Tanamal.

Ilse Lym Gerhardt

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