Hedge Wizard Silence



Silence is a Hedge Wizard who is voluntarily under a vow of muteness.


The Hedge Wizard Silence was first encountered by Serin in ManniDell, when Serin entered the old, abandoned “Nate” place.

Silence tricked Serin into believing he had a weapon of some sort, and was able to escape, but not before getting jugged in the head by a frustrated Serin.

Later on, as Serin was heading down the road towards Farland Point, he got the idea he was being stalked from the side of the road. All sorts of things went through his mind, like “Highway Robber,” and “Assassin.” However, it turned out to be Silence, who jammed Serin in the chest with a carved stick and tried to get away, but was clubbed by Pero.

A long conversation about the nature of Hedge Magic ensued, and during the course of the conversation, the previously unlabeled, aspiring Hedge Wizard was named… by Pero. Several names crossed the tongue of Pero before the name “Silence” was uttered, but when it was spoken, the newly named “Silence” knew immediately that he had his name, and this was the last conversation that he would ever hold, should he want his magic to function correctly.

As a side note, it became known, during this conversation, that Silence was actually the infamous “Creeper,” long feared by the residents of Manni Dell, and that he was just taking care of “Old Man Mosh.”

This was the last that was heard from the Hedge Wizard Silence. Mike speculates that he may play some future role in the Magic Sword story.

Hedge Wizard Silence

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