Habbel Zon Holden

Serin's Father


Habbel Zon Holden is the father of Serin Zon Gerhardt, and husband to Mona Zon Holden (formerly Mona Zon Gerhardt).


Habbel Zon Holden is friend to Meechum Zon Lyndon, who whispered in his ear the way to take Holden to pillar status. Habbel is a weak and unsure man, possibly insecure, and easily led. He is not held responsible for what has happened to the Gerhardt name in the eyes of Serin.

For a time it was thought that Habbel Zon Holden was slain by Gerhardt’s Ghost. The identity of the victim had not been revealed, other than that he was Serin’s Grandmother’s son on his father’s side.. This did not happen to Habbel Zon Holden. This section will be moved when the victim is discovered (should that victim be or become a major character).

Habbel Zon Holden

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