Gianna Lym Winthrope

Envious aristocrat


Gianna Lym Winthrope is the youngest sister of the Winthrope Pillar.


Gianna interviewing Serin (screenshot from online session, 2005-09-21)


Lady Winthrope approached Serin after his return to Sterling. She had been impressed by Serin’s achievements- and more significantly, The Sword’s.

After she satisfied herself on the point that the Sword could not be bought, borrowed, or taken, it became evident that she really wanted a Sword of her own. She asked many questions about Its history and nature. She wanted to know how It was acquired, where to find elves, and offered Serin virtually anything in exchange for his cooperation. In addition, she noted her desire to return Gildanny to its state before the invasion of Albrecht.

Gianna’s residence in Sterling is half the size of the entire Gerhardt palace block – Serin’s visit made it clear that the Winthropes have money.

Gianna Lym Winthrope

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