Denin Punter



Denin is a woodsman in the woods between Mannidell and Inner Rhyddham. He is married to Brii and has one son, Baeden.


Denin found Serin unconscious and injured in a ravine near the smoking remains of the Rhydderdale forest. Despite having a baby on the way, Denin sacrificed his time and savings to nurse Serin back to health. This left Serin in a bit of debt, so Denin and Brii indentured him to work for Blackman Smythe.

The loss of Rhydderdale left Denin in a terrible financial situation and forced him to travel far up the forest line to find good timber.

Denin is a simple man, but one of character. He was infatuated with the name “Cadin,” what he wanted to name his son, but Brii would have no part of it.

Denin and Brii may have been in a lot of trouble, since Damon and Remy Billings paid them a visit.

Denin Punter

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