Alex Zon Gerhardt



Alex Zon Gerhardt is Serin’s older cousin.


Alex first appeared to “rescue” Serin Zon Gerhardt from the family mansion in Sterling during the post-Meechum chaos. He fled with Serin deep into the woods of Inner Rhyddham, ostensibly to escape from the Holdens and rally those still loyal to the name of Gerhardt.

Serin holed up with Alex and his followers over the next few months, plotting a counterstrike to reinstate the Gerhardts’ position. News from the outside was infrequent and dangerous as messengers might be followed (and thus betray the location of the camp). Alex gained Serin’s trust by organizing a fighting force to defy the Holdens and provided for Serin to train with them at melee combat. Serin handed over his entire wealth for the cause, which seemed to be in line with his own.

However, in the final days of their partnership, Serin discovered his former butler had been brutally murdered by Alex, who blamed it on Holden assassins. Then, as the camp fought against the assault from (Alpman? The Kings’s men? Holden1?), Alex declared to the enemy that Serin would be killed if the line was broken.

This last stab in the back – evidence that Serin was being used as a tool by Alex to maintain and increase his position- was all it took for Serin to leave and look to himself for a solution.

Alex was presumed dead after the ensuing forest fire. However, so was Serin.

1 Several years later, Serin learned that the opposing force was directed by knights from Gerhardt, sent incognito to rescue Serin. Alex had feared that the Holden ascendency would dispossess his side of the family and was using Serin as a bargaining chip to demand a large ransom and guaranteed title.

Alex Zon Gerhardt

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